Moxie Media is a consulting and marketing firm that can analyze a business and help determine a direction to help accomplish its goals. We work with owners, CEOs, Presidents and General Managers to help businesses reach their bottom line objectives. Moxie works with decision makers and we first LISTEN and LEARN about the business, then look to see where the needs are and where Moxie Media can fit in and help. Our goal is to help make your job easier; to help you focus and spend your time on your strengths and making money for the company.


With 20 years of media experience, Moxie Media will take the time to do it right…the first time. When we sit down with business leaders that are serious about growing their business, we will analyze and learn about the business; its goals, direction, what has worked and what hasn’t, before we put together a recommendation. Moxie will give you an unbiased, objective look at your workplace environment. We will learn from you, you will learn from us; and together we will put together a strategy that will accomplish your goals.

There are a variety of ways that Moxie media can help:


We become middle management that CEOs can turn to help get things done more efficiently or get things done that are getting pushed to the back burner. Reasons this may be happening: lack of time, lack of experience in the area, lack of resources. When you know something needs to get done, and it just isn’t, Moxie Media can fill that gap and become the piece you are missing.


Whether its turnover or trouble with the terminations, Moxie Media will work with management on hiring techniques, interview questions, motivating, mentoring. We can evaluate resumes and help create the best pool of candidates. In addition, there are times when a better termination process is needed to smooth the transition and prevent law suits.


Moxie Media will train up to 20 sellers or 5 managers on a monthly basis. We will work on prospecting, building relationships, overcoming objections and closing techniques. With managers, we will work on in the field training techniques, motivating, sales contests and keeping sellers focused, happy and thirsty. From how you onboard new staff, to how you measure and reward their performance, to the tools you give them do their jobs.


Moxie Media will work with owners to put together solid business plans and a budget that will send them in a direction to accomplish revenue goals.


We will become a business’s marketing arm. Help make internal decision and direct a business on community involvement. Anything that you would turn to a Marketing Director and ask, you would have Moxie Media there with over 20 years of experience: what organization should we align with, what events should we get involved in, what should we be sponsoring, where should we set up booths and information tents.


Moxie Media will develop digital, electronic and print strategies for any business. With the experience and media partnerships, we can analyze and put together a strategic plan for any business, no matter its size or goals. Whether you need to build brand awareness, drive traffic into your location, attach your name to a great community project, or need internal marketing help, Moxie Media will develop a customized plan for you. Through the analysis process, we will determine your target audience to accomplish your needs. We want to make sure your dollars are working as hard as possible for you and want to insure that every dollar invested is reaching your target audience. Moxie Media will determine which outlets or strategies are needed to hit the desired target audience. Once the strategic plan is developed, Moxie Media will implement every aspect to insure the plan is executed correctly and in a timely manner. We will work with all media outlets to either place all the media buys and/or work with them to implement our awareness strategy.


Moxie Media will manage your social media on a daily basis. This includes anything from building a Facebook page to producing posts and responding to comments that are left for you and the public to see.


We will build a custom website with primary and secondary navigation points and consistently maintain a web presence through Stage II development to increase organic searches and increase site traffic.

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